“Lucifer” Producers Talk Their Netflix Plans

With Netflix having saved FOX’s “Lucifer” from cancellation and granting the supernatural drama a fourth season, co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are already planning out where the series will go next and what to expect.

It has been confirmed by TV Line that the new season will be ten episodes, not thirteen, and the episode length will stick roughly to the 43 minute mark – though they might have a bit of room for flexibility,

Despite the move to Netflix, the original plans for the fourth season story will remain intact with Chloe having finally seen Lucifer’s real face and dealing with the aftermath of that moment.

“Lucifer” is expected to go back into production in August, roughly the same time when the series’ normal production would start up but it won’t air until probably early next year as Netflix waits until seasons are complete before releasing them.