Lucasfilm Shoots Down “Red Tails” Rumors

The other day First Showing reported that “Red Tails”, the Anthony Hemingway-directed feature about the Tuskegee Airmen, was about to undergo some massive reshoots.

Daniela Ruah, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard star in the story of America’s first all black air fighting unit in the Second World War. Most of the film’s shooting took place in the second half of last year in the Czech Republic.

The report speculated that producers George Lucas and Rick McCallum were displeased with Hemingway’s work and Lucas himself was going to direct some extensive reshoots to fit some extensive re-writes which significantly changed many of the characters and storyline. McCallum was said to be looking through the film’s dailies “trying to salvage whatever footage they can from Hemingway’s work in order to figure out exactly how much will need to be re-shot.”

The company however has quickly clamped down on the talk, telling Digital Spy that “The story that is circulating about production on Red Tails is completely inaccurate. George Lucas and Rick McCallum are very pleased with the work Anthony Hemingway did directing the film and additional shooting that is scheduled to take place was built into production before it began, as it is on all our films.”

Indeed it was reported back in December that this additional shooting was scheduled for around Easter and would involve much of the flying and cockpit sequences along with some experimenting with consumer-level DSLR digital cameras to film the action.