Lucasfilm Games Resurrected From The Dead

Lucasfilm Games Resurrected From The Dead

Disney is reportedly currently resurrecting famed game developer Lucasfilm Games with a new mysterious project. Disney shutdown LucasArts, which was previously known as Lucasfilm Games, back in 2012 after three decades of pumping out notable titles.

These included: “The Secret of Monkey Island,” “Day of the Tentacle,” “Sam & Max Hit the Road,” “Maniac Mansion” and multiple Indiana Jones & Star Wars games including “Dark Forces,” “Knights of the Old Republic,” “Shadows of the Empire,” “Rebel Assault” and the original “Battlefront”.

A victim of the shutdown was “Star Wars 1313,” an unfinished and highly anticipated single player narrative title supposed to revolve around Boba Fett in his early adulthood.

Now, the Disney Careers website (via Slashfilm) reportedly has a Lucasfilm Games job listing for a mysterious project and others that will be spread across the interactive market, mobile gaming, computers, and all current consoles. The listing also says that “a love of Star Wars” is recommended.

EA currently has the exclusive rights to develop “Star Wars” games, but have only put out two titles since they began their partnership in 2012 – more often they’ve been known for starting development and then scratching projects – especially anything that can’t be heavily monetised.

Disney is reportedly still happy with EA and they reportedly plan to still work with them until the contract ends. The return of Lucasfilm Games though gives Disney the ability to develop their own titles.

Update: PC Gamer reports that Lucasfilm Games has provided clarification in regards to its role at Disney. It was brought back originally to work with studios and the “Star Wars” brand, not to develop games internally. Disney and Lucasfilm Games are “still committed to its partnership with developers and publishers like EA” says a representative.