Lucas Talks Indiana Age & Action

George Lucas spoke with USA Today this week and of course the topic of the fourth “Indiana Jones” movie came up.

Of course the big questions is how will 64-year-old star Harrison Ford be convinicingly up for all the rough and tumble action?

“He’s not running in any of the movies. He’s either on a horse or driving a car or a motorcycle. And he’ll play his age in this movie with what’s appropriate. The chases are more suspenseful than speedy. Like the rolling ball in the first film — it’s not that he’s running that fast, it’s that there’s a giant ball coming at him.” says Lucas.

One tradition will be maintained though – “he will get beat up.” Sean Connery has yet to sign on as Indiana’s father, but Lucas says “we’re still trying.” He also won’t go into detail about the ‘top secret filming locations’, but drops that one will be a waterfall.

As for the official title? It’s being kept under wraps until the first trailer hits theaters around Thanksgiving.