Lucas on Indy 5, Star Wars 3D & “Tails”

George Lucas shows up at American Cinematheque’s 23rd annual award presentation honoring Samuel L. Jackson and managed to snag him for a few questions.

Is he seriously looking at an Indy V? “We’re looking for a “MacGuffin,” which is an object that he goes after. They’re very hard to come by.”

Will Marion and Mutt be involved? “It really depends on what it is Indy goes looking for and then how the story falls out of that, and then how convenient or inconvenient to have the group there.”

Will we see “Star Wars” in 3D? “Oh yeah. The technology is very difficult. It exists – it’s just extremely expensive, and so what we’re trying to do is figure out a more practical way of pulling it off.”

Finally he says his Tuskegee Airmen project “Red Tails” is currently casting and will begin shooting in the spring with Anthony Hamilton directing.