Luc Besson Denies He’s Doing “Lucy 2”

Filmmaker Luc Besson has not only denied that a sequel to 2014’s “Lucy” is in active development, he’s also slamming the journalists who originally covered the story.

The story hit last week in which EuropaCorp CEO Marc Shmuger confirmed at a shareholders meeting that they were actively working on the sequel and Besson had already turned in a script for the second chapter.

Now the “Leon” and “The Fifth Element” director, coming off the disappointing results for “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” has denied the report in an Instagram posting and has slammed the media for spreading it:

“No I do not prepare Lucy 2. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Yet this fake news has been around the world thanks to you [journalists] …. You will say to me: ‘it is not very serious’. It is true, you are right … but it is false and normally this word should not be part of your vocabulary, because if we can no longer you believe, how do we hold a democracy? Our freedom depends on your integrity.”

The criticism comes despite his own studio head making the announcement. The first film, made for only $40 million, grossed $463.4 million globally.