Louis CK Unsure Of FX’s “Louie” Returning

It has been on ‘extended hiatus’ for a year, but now comedian Louis C.K. has suggested that his groundbreaking FX comedy series “Louie” may never return – at least not as it was. Speaking with THR this weekend, he seems to suggest he simply has no inspiration for more at this point:

“I think the guy that I played on the show – the just-divorced kinda under-water dad/struggling New York comic – I don’t think I have stories for that guy anymore. But, the show is autobiographical, so what [FX president and general manager] John Landgraf and I have always thought is that it may come back with a different set of stories from a different angle a little further down the road.

I don’t know where that’s from yet, so it just depends on if it writes. I think, for me, if I’m on TV again doing a single-camera show, it’s Louie. But I don’t know. I have no idea. I needed to not know if I’d ever do it again – I needed to feel that way – so that’s the way I feel right now. I don’t ever want to do the show because I owe another season. I don’t think that’s fair to anybody.”

Fans of “Louie” are used to extended waits, C.K. took a two-year hiatus between seasons three and four and if it does come back, it’s likely this hiatus could run longer than that.

Source: THR