Louis C.K. Talks The End Of “Louie”

It has been a long drought for fans of comedian Louis C.K. and his show “Louie”. Taking a break in 2013, the show returns in May next year with another batch of 13 episodes.

C.K. recently visited comedian Jerry Seinfeld for his upcoming web chat show “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. During the session he surprisingly revealed an endgame plan for “Louie”.

Seinfeld asked him how many years he thought the show would continue. C.K. responded: “I’d say 7 or 8, tops”. Seinfeld asked “Why would you ever stop?,” to which C.K. said “You stopped after 9 years.”

In an effective piece of analysis, Seinfeld went on to say “Your show’s different. Your show can grow with you, my show was about four single people living this certain type of lifestyle. We didn’t want to do Kramer’s fiftieth birthday party.”

C.K. has been keeping busy with other endeavours lately, including film roles like “American Hustle” along with developing a new series for FX.

Source: TV Web