Louis C.K. Considers More “Horace and Pete”

Scoring a lot of acclaim, but not earning enough to be in profit at least early on, comedian Louis C.K.’s web series “Horace and Pete” wrapped a first season of ten episodes a while back and is still available online.

Now, C.K. is talking about how he would approach a second season of the independently produced project which has been described as a ‘filmed play’. In fact he’s not quite sure he should try and make it. He tells Deadline:

“I have ideas on how to continue this series. but the test is always – does it write? I did this myself without a network because I didn’t want to (be committed to) do it again. I only want to do it if it’s really compelling… but if it doesn’t write, I’ll leave it alone. There’s no reason to go back.”

C.K. says he plans to sit down and work out everything this summer. He also confirms that the show is now becoming profitable, and has declined offers to show the series elsewhere:

“Yeah, it’s making money, and there’s a couple of offers to put it on other platforms. I’m just waiting. Everyday I make money on the show. If I take one of the offers, I’ll make a profit right away. The mandate was never to make money. When you own (your own projects), you can sell them over and over again.”

C.K. also co-created the new comedy series “Better Things” which FX has just announced a September 8th premiere date for. Pamela Adlon stars in the show about a single mother and middle-class actress who pursues work all day and raises three kids.