Louis C.K. Buys Back “I Love You Daddy”

Following the allegations which emerged last month against Louis C.K., independent distributor The Orchard dropped the release of his new directorial effort “I Love You, Daddy”.

It was just the start, with HBO subsequently dropping all of his programming from their platforms and FX halting development of his projects. Now, Deadline reports that Louis C.K. is in the process of buying back the rights to “I Love You, Daddy”.

Once complete, he will have paid back The Orchard the $5 million they shelled out for the movie at TIFF plus any marketing costs they incurred and the money they spent on around 12,000 awards season screeners they sent out to AMPAS, SAG, Golden Globes and Critics’ voting members.

At that point it will be up to Louis C.K. to decide if he releases it or not.

Source: Deadline