Lots Of Third “Batman” Villain Chatter

With Chris Nolan keeping the antagonist(s) of his third and final “Batman” feature under wraps, speculation has run rife these past few days based on quick quotes and dubious rumor.

Things began when a report emerged at Superhero Hype that filming was aiming to kick off around April in New Orleans rather than London and Chicago where the two previous films were mostly shot.

That news sounds logical – the U.S. dollar is taking an absolute beating in world markets at the moment so studios are keen to keep productions States-side due to the expense. Also Warners just completed filming “Green Lantern” at the studios there with the help of key tax breaks which are making the state a prime place for productions to shoot.

Then came an interesting interview with Morgan Freeman via MTV News where the actor says he’s also heard a Spring start date, and that “there just may be more than one” villain in the next film.

However the interview seemed to hint that Freeman was just repeating what a lot of us have heard online rather than any actual new insider information. In the same interview he brought up talk of The Riddler and the old online rumor of Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin.

The next wrinkle in the story came in the form of “Wanted” and “Kick Ass” creator Mark Millar. The writer recently dropped two tweets which he indicated were gossip he’d heard at a convention – “I know who the villain(s) are in Batman 3 and the big scene outside Gotham sounds awesome. Totally timely locale… One of the villains is from my favourite childhood run on the character. Again, very unexpected.”

If the timely locale means New Orleans, /Film speculated that he’s referring to Killer Croc, the former wrestler turned criminal thug born with a genetic defect which gave him scaly skin and great strength.

Yet Millar himself admits this is convention gossip and has become quite known for being perhaps a bit too eager in terms of repeating idle speculation or wild rumor.

Could Croc be one of several bad guys? It’s certainly possible. Croc is one of the few Batman major villains that hasn’t been represented yet in the films, along with the likes of Clayface, The Mad Hatter, The Ventriloquist, Man-Bat and more recent villains like Black Mask and Hush.

Ultimately though what do all these reports add up to in terms of actual facts? The film is looking likely to shoot in New Orleans starting in the Spring – that’s the only Batman news this week that sounds credible.