Lots Of New “Prometheus” Details & Pics

There’s been a flood of stuff on Ridley Scott’s much anticipated sci-fi epic “Prometheus” this week. Let’s get to it.

A recently revealed Facebook app with an ‘interactive starmap’ leads to various goodies including some snazzy new stills which you can see below.

Speaking of stills there are clear, high-resolution versions of the Empire Magazine shots from the other week also now online, as is a Total DVD cover featuring stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender.

Meanwhile UK journalist penned an extensive set report for The Sci-Fi Show which includes interesting quotes from practically everyone major involved in the project.

The most telling (and possibly SPOILER filled) is from production designer Arthur Max talking about the origin of the sets we see and the likely owners of the giant ship (the space jockey race) – “Very loosely, these creatures are some kind of genetic Engineers on an interplanetary level… They go around creating life. In certain ways, they’re kind of God-like.”

Fassbender also had a great quote – “There’s always politics within, and that’s why, I think, this cast got together. The tempo, the pace, the intelligence of the script; each person has got their own agenda on that ship and it’s each a very individual agenda. Some people are there for the pay. Other people are there to get answers. Other people are there to hopefully attain some sort of secret. Others are there in somewhat of a spite journey. You’ve got all these collective relationships, individuals and motivations and that’s what makes quite intriguing even before the shit hits the fan.”