Lots Of New Iron Man Scoops

While it certainly doesn’t match San Diego’s Comic Con in terms of sheer scale, this weekend’s San Francisco WonderCon is becoming another launchpad for geek cinema projects.

Probably the single biggest event though was Paramount’s panel for “Iron Man” with director Jon Favreau in attendance to show off some footage and answer questions.

The footage itself revolves around Stark’s numerous failed and sometimes comical attempts to get his suit’s rocket boots working, including one scene where the exhaust damages his expensive cars.

Favreau answered questions, notably saying that they “certainly leave the door open” in terms of Terrence Howard’s Jim Rhodes character becoming War Machine in any future sequels. He also confirmed that “If this movies makes a lot of money, I might be able to direct [The Avengers]!” What about the “Hulk” crossover talk? “Many of the rumors are true, but some of them are not true on the internet.”

A new 90-second trailer is scheduled to premiere during this upcoming Thursday’s episode of “Lost” (not last Thursday as some site’s erroneously reported), followed by a 2.5 minute trailer which will be attached to copies of “10,000 B.C.” starting next Friday and which was shown to attendees.

Close-up photos of the to scale 3D model of Iron Man at last week’s Toy Fair in NYC have gone up at Kastor’s Korner.

Finally, the brilliant Vic at Screen Rant has scored the new poster that was being handed out at WonderCon and shows off the differences in the three versions of the armor that Stark wears in the film. Click the shot below for a higher res version: