Lots Of New Details On “Power Rangers” Reboot

One of the more confusing elements of the upcoming cinematic “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” reboot at Lionsgate has been in regards to its status as a reboot. Previous discussions about the film have indicated that the Dean Israelite-directed film will be more of a “Doctor Who”-style ‘refresh/restart’ than a reboot, keeping the old continuity of the series but updating the action to contemporary times.

New information about the film has popped up at Collider today which says that the new film will be set after the events of the current TV iteration “Power Rangers Dino Charge,” with the characters from that show factoring into the film’s opening – likely handing off of the franchise to the new super-suited team.

There’s also information on the film’s villain which will not be Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, rather it is Scorpina – the ruthless minion of Rita who returns with an army which she uses to battle the Power Rangers and their robot Megazords in the opening battle scene.

Said battle scene involves the Rangers protecting the Morphin Grid – an energy field that provides power to every generation of Rangers. Said grid also gives them access to past, present, and future Ranger memories so that they can glimpse other Rangers and glean strategies from battles.

Filming on the project is expected to take place in Vancouver from January to April of next year.