Lots Of “Batman vs. Superman” Gossip

A lengthy update from sources for the site Comic Book Movie claims to answer a bunch of questions fans have about Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman” project in the wake of the news this past weekend of the project’s near year long delay. Amongst their updates:

Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly still the main favorite to play the film’s primary villain Lex Luthor, with the decision now up to the actor.

Henry Cavill will sport a decidedly shorter haircut and the trademark Superman single curl, said to be similar to the look in the “Kingdom Come” comics but without the grey streak.

Ben Affleck’s injury was purely a musculature rib injury, it isn’t too severe, and he’ll be back at full-health sometime in April. What the injury has done has made him unable to perform certain movements for the fight sequences – so a stunt double will be used.

There are numerous reasons for the delay, Affleck’s injury isn’t one of them. One is said to be budgetary. Part of that is talk of including a brief visit to Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira, an addition that will require massive (and costly) visual effects.

Reports of “Batman Vs. Superman” and “Justice League” being shot back-to-back are half-true – it “is being considered but no official decision has been made at this time.”

Reports of a cliffhanger in the film setting up “Justice League” are “very much true”. The apparently plan is rather than following the Marvel method of mid and post-credits scenes, DC will end their films with a cliffhanger setting up the next.

There’s also reportedly plans to do “short films for their lesser known characters. These short films would be played at the end of each film.”