Lost To Finish In 2009?

Rumors are swirling that ABC’s “Lost” will finish after five seasons – leaving the answers to finally be coming sometime around May 2009.

According to E! Online, it’s said the network will announce the news in the next few weeks, along with a more primetime friendly timeslot.

Season Four is also said to kick off later than the usual Fall date and will begin in January so the network can air back-to-back episodes.

With no certain end in sight, the most frequent complaint to have raged this third season is that the show is posing more questions than answers.

Ambivalence has grown and ratings have declined, and whilst the show remains a very strong performer, it has lost the admittedly fickle ‘water cooler buzz’ which came with its first season.

With a fixed end point in sight though, it’s hoped that the series will renew its focus and start wrapping up storylines.