Lost Producer Expects An Eventual Reboot

However you feel about “Lost” producer/creator Damon Lindelof and how he ended that popular series, the man himself says he expects the property to have more life – just not with him. Speaking with E! Online last week, Lindelof says:

“I think there will be more ‘Lost,’ but I don’t think it’s gonna come from us [the same creative team]. My guess is that some other creative team will come in and take their creative spin on this content, which is really exciting.

I think we told our story. We put so much energy into ending it, that to put energy into kickstarting it again… The show, I felt like it had a very successful life. Maybe it lived a little too long, but I never felt like it didn’t live long enough. So I feel like there will be more, but it won’t be made by us.”

Lindelof is also happy that lingering questions left behind will be left unanswered – “The show lived with questions, it died with questions, and I’m happy to have questions be the legacy.”