Lost Officially Ends In 2010

It’s now official. ABC has agreed with the producers of Tv’s “Lost” and set an end point for the serial drama – with the finale to air during the 2009-10 television season.

The producers have stated before that they wanted to finish off the show after five seasons, but the network wanted more – and so a compromise had to be reached.

Variety reports that “Lost” showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have signed new multi-year overall deals with ABC Television Studio to continue with the series until the end. Part of that deal was figuring out the end to the series.

The result? Rather than two seasons consisting of the standard 24 episodes each, there will be three seasons of 16 episodes. These three 16-episode arcs will run uninterrupted each time, allowing the network to turn it into an ‘event’.

When they will air is unsure, though the finale has to screen no earlier than late 2009. The current third season will wrap up at the end of May, and combined with the 48 new episodes, the show will ultimately air approximately 119 episodes of television.