Lost Move Hurts Ratings

A later time slot and fan frustration over ABC’s “Lost” is seeing the hit show undergoing the inevitable erosion that comes with serials that drag out the action too long.

Wednesday’s 10pm episode pulled in 12.8 million viewers, down two million viewers from last week’s return from a three-month hiatus, and a new series low for the show.

Whilst much of the audience, including myself, remain very loyal to the show – the inevitable frustration over the fact that mysteries simply aren’t being answered or dragged out too long are taking their toll.

Whilst the producers talked of setting an end point for the series last month, no further word on when such an end point will occur has been discussed.

It also means the show joins the club alongside Desperate Housewives and Battlestar Galactica as third season serials suffering in the ratings, despite better notices for their content this year than their previous seasons.