Lost Kubrick Script “Burning Secret” Discovered

Lost Kubrick Script Burning Secret Discovered

Nathan Abrams, a professor in film at Wales’ Bangor University, has apparently stumbled upon a cinematic lost treasure according to The Guardian. The academic reportedly claims to have unearthed “Burning Secret,” a long-lost screenplay by the late great Stanley Kubrick.

An adaptation of the 1913 novella by acclaimed Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, the script reportedly follows a suave insurance salesman who befriends a ten-year-old boy at a spa resort so he is able to seduce the child’s married mother.

Dubbed an ‘inverse Lolita,’ in the original story the mother and son are Jewish and the resort is in Austria, but Abrams says Kubrick’s version shifts the location to the U.S. with all the characters sporting very American names.

Kubrick penned the work in 1956 with “The Graduate” novelist Calder Willingham. The following year, the pair collaborated on the anti-war film “Paths Of Glory”. Abrams adds the script is so close to completion that it could be made into a movie and even has the stamp of the script department of MGM.

The screenplay is reportedly owned by the son of one of Kubrick’s former collaborators who wishes to remain anonymous and Abrams discovered it while researching his next book about Kubrick. Kubrick’s former assistant Andrew Birkin filmed an adaptation from a different screenplay in 1988.