Lost, 24, CW Post-Strike Dates

So when will all the shows begin airing their handful of post-strike episodes that will be shot for this season? Some shows announced their exact dates over the weekend:

Episode seven of “Lost” will air March 13th. Then the show will be off the air for six weeks and return April 24th at 9pm with the already-completed episode eight which apparently works much better as a mini-premiere than it does as a mini-finale according to E! Online.

Fox have confirmed that they won’t be starting the seventh season of “24” until January 2009.

CBS has confirmed that four post-strike episodes of “Moonlight” will be made and will start airing April 11th, the show’s fate will likely ride on the outcome of the ratings of these episodes.

Over at The CW, all their shows have set their post-strike returns. Comedies “Everybody Loves Chris” and “Aliens in America” already completed plenty of episodes pre-strike so no additional ones will be shot this season. They both return March 2nd. As for the rest:

“The Game” – 9 episodes starting March 23rd

“Gossip Girl” – 5 episodes starting April 21st

“One Tree Hill” – 6 episodes starting April 14th

“Reaper” – 5 episodes starting April 22nd

“Smallville” – 5 episodes starting April 17th

“Supernatural” – 4 episodes starting April 24th