Loss Of Marvel & Wars Films To Damage Netflix?

Loss Of Marvel Wars Films To Damage Netflix

A new THR & Morning Consult survey of 2,201 adults has indicated up to 22% of Americans will cancel their Netflix subscription when Marvel Studios and/or the “Star Wars” films leave the platform.

The impending departure of Disney films from the service – especially its Marvel Studios and Star Wars titles – will make a dent in Netflix subscribers but it’s a question of how much. The survey indicates the numbers could rise as high as 35% amongst the 18-29 age group. Said films are expected to leave the service once Disney+ launches on November 12th.

In terms of TV, around 14% of poll respondents say if “The Office” were removed from Netflix they’d cancel, while some 11% would drop them if “Friends” left the platform – once again those figures rise to 29% and 17% if focused on the under thirties. Both shows are expected to potentially depart the platform once WarnerMedia and Comcast launch their proposed SVOD services sometime in 2020.

The survey asked if all these shows and films were gone, what would people do with 57% saying they’d stay, 32% saying they’d cancel it, and 11% offering no opinion. The survey comes as Netflix has come under fire for not just price hikes but its seeming mandate of effectively cancelling anything that’s not a megahit after three seasons.

Source: THR