Lord of the Rings Trilogy Goes 3D

Elijah Wood has hinted that “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy may be converted to 3D for a re-release sometime in the near future.

“I think it would be cool to see. There’s talk of releasing a dimensionalised trilogy eventually. I’m okay with doing post-process 3D, as long as someone takes the time. What I’m upset about is when a movie doesn’t have the budget and the time to devote to it and they’re not fine-tuning the detail of that, because it can look really bad and cheap. But I know that they wouldn’t dimensionalise it unless it was a super meticulous process” Wood tells Den of Geek.

He went on about his frustrations with the films that are getting the conversion – “I mean, Titanic’s coming out in 3D now, and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, which means we have to wait three movies to get to the fucking good shit, it’s unbelievable, I’m like, we have to wait three years for that? You’re doing Episode I first? [frustrated squeal], what a bummer!”

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