“Lord of the Flies” Remake Switches Gender

Scott McGehee & David Siegel (“The Deep End,” “What Maisie Knew”) have signed on to write and direct a new adaptation of William Golding’s iconic novel “Lord of the Flies,” but this time with a key twist – an all-female cast.

The original 1954 novel focuses on a group of pre-adolescent British school boys fleeing the war who become marooned on an uninhabited Pacific island. So begins a disastrous attempt to govern themselves with things quickly falling into a chaotic frenzy of paranoia, torture and murder as the boys turn tribal and feral.

The property has been adapted to screen notably twice before – in 1963 by Peter Brook and in 1990 by Harry Hook. The new take switches out the boys for young girls, but otherwise is said to be a “very faithful but contemporized adaptation”.

Having just closed their deals with the studio and with rights issues now worked out with the author’s estate, they will begin writing immediately

Source: Deadline