Long Kiss Goodnight Sequel Planned

Samuel L. Jackson tells MTV News he’s eager to revisit the 1996 action thriller “The Long Kiss Goodnight” and is working with director Reny Harlin on a sequel.

“We sort of have a development project now for ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight 2.’ We’re talking to writers, you know, getting it together… Mitch is one of my favorite characters” says Jackson.

The original 1996 flick followed suburban housewife Samantha Caine (Geena Davis), who, after a bump on the head, begins to remember small parts of her previous life as a top-secret assassin. Samantha soon finds herself in a fight for her life when old enemies track her down. She enlists the aid of Mitch to survive the onslaught, all the while getting stronger and more deadly.

Scribe Shane Black (“Lethal Weapon,” “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang”) earned $4 million for the script – even today one of the biggest screenplay deals ever. The ensuing film received mixed or slightly positive reviews and only did moderate business, but has since become a big cult hit on video & DVD.

Don’t expect Davis to return – “we’re thinking, you know, the little girl [Samantha’s daughter, Caitlin] is grown up now and possibly got some skills passed onto her by her mom. Her mom gets killed and we want to find out who did it. She comes to find me because I’m the only connection to her mom and I might know the people that have done that.”