Lonely Dog Joins Hopkins On “Transformers” Set

While some might say filmmaker Michael Bay is more than familiar with making dogs, it looks like he’s now into casting them too in the new “Transformers: The Last Knight”. A new featurette is out for the action film showing off Bay’s use of a homeless epileptic Staffordshire Bull Terrier named ‘Freya’.

Freya had been dubbed ‘The World’s Loneliest Dog’ by the British press after being passed over for adoption at the Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre more than 18,000 times over six years. This adorable and ‘very loving dog’ has now scored some screen time Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins and you can see their scenes together.

The franchise’s producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has also given a new interview with THR this morning and says he has little doubt about more “Transformers” films in the future despite the so-called sequel fatigue that saw many franchises fizzle this Summer:

“Transformers 19 — we’ll be talking about that 10 years from now. (Laughs.) But I’m glad they believe in the franchise. I don’t want to pick on any movie [this summer], so I would say this: The quality of the sequel is very important, and if you fail at the quality, you’re going to fail. It’s funny, though, because when I first got in the business 25 years ago, there was a summer where all the sequels didn’t do well. And everybody said, “No more sequels.” And here we are 25 years later with a hell of a lot of sequels.”

“Transformers: The Last Knight” is slated to open next June