London Not To Carry On Anymore

Carry on London, aiming to be the next revival of the decades-long “Carry On” series, looks to be dead in the water.

Former “Eastenders” star Shane Richie tells UK Teletext that “That was something that was going to happen with myself, David Walliams, Vinnie Jones and Harry Enfield, and Peter Richardson was going to direct”.

A US actor was also said to play a major role – “It was going to be William Shatner, then Burt Reynolds then Leslie Nielson and then two weeks before, it just fell away, and I really don’t know why”.

The “Carry On” film series produced low-budget comedies mixing parody, farce, slapstick and double entendres. Thirty films were produced from 1958-1978, and a failed restart took place in 1992 with “Carry on Columbus”.