“Logan” Trailer Comic Sample Page

One scene in the recent second trailer for the final Wolverine spin-off “Logan” that everyone’s still talking about is a shot where Hugh Jackman’s character holds up an actual X-Men comic book which exist in that world.

As previously revealed, the issue that he’s holding was custom made for the movie and now Marvel Entertainment CCO Joe Quesada has revealed he is the man behind the pages.

In fact, Quesada has posted several process pics of one of the several pages he designed with a 1990s style: “It was a blast working closely with James Mangold on creating these pages (yes, there‚Äôs more than one) and thrilled to have been invited on the project. Attached are my final digital pencils that Dan Panosian had to recreate in a more 90s ink and coloring style and boy did he nail the look.”

Check out those shots below along with the latest Empire cover featuring Jackman as Logan. The film opens March 3rd.