“Logan” To Get A Surprise Trailer

“Logan” hits U.S. cinemas tonight and while the film has screened for critics and media, none of them got to see the trailer for a different film that audiences get to see in front of the regular screenings of the film.


Slashfilm has a breakdown of the trailer which is for none other than the “Deadpool” sequel. The film hasn’t begun production yet, but its director David Leitch and actor Ryan Reynolds have filmed this specially crafted teaser. Full description below:

Two men get into a scuffle after an attempted alley mugging. Wade (Reynolds) walks by in his hoodie listening to Juice Newton’s “Angel of the Morning” and, upon seeing this, says “not in my city.” So begins a spoof of Superman’s phone booth changing scene, complete with John Williams theme. The tagline? “Deadpool…coming…not soon enough.”


At present there’s no indication of when it will go online, but for those who can’t make the cinema you can probably expect some sort of version popping up on YouTube in coming days.

Speaking of “Logan,” the film’s director has re-iterated on social media this week that the theatrical cut IS the film’s director’s cut and there won’t be an extended or unrated version for the home video release.