“Logan,” “Kong” Credits Stingers Teased

The next two big blockbusters off the rack are Fox’s “X-Men” spin-off “Logan” and Warners’ “Kong: Skull Island”. Both films are part of a larger cinematic universe – one long established, the other trying to find its feet.

This means both include easter eggs and references to both previous films and ones planned for the near future. It also turns out both may have post-credits ‘stinger’ segments which have become a staple of Marvel Studios films.

“Logan” was screened for critics the other week with reviews breaking on Friday with wide raves across the board. Shortly after, Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn senior manager Mike Sampson tweeted that Fox updated the films runtime to one three minutes longer than version screened for critics – quickly leading to speculation a post-credits scene has been added. That hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Meanwhile “Kong: Skull Island” has also been screened for some critics and a post-credits scene for that film has been confirmed. However, the contents of the scene are under wraps for the moment.

SciFi Japan and Scified however may have revealed a hint with the full credits for the movie including the line: “Characters of ‘Godzilla,’ ‘King Ghidorah,’ ‘Mothra’ and ‘Rodan’ created and owned by Toho Co., Ltd”.

The latter site says those characters would only be credited if they are referred to or shown in the movie leading to the conclusion that they will make an appearance and in effect tease Mike Dougherty’s “Godzilla: King of Monsters” which is due in cinemas in 2019.