“Logan” Duo Talk The Disney & Fox Deal

The looming Disney & Fox deal has many pondering the consequences of the acquisition with arguably one of the biggest concerns being the kinds of movies that 20th Century Fox would have made that will no longer go into production.

This would include the trend of R-rated superhero films that really took off with “Deadpool” last year and continued with “Logan” this year, films that don’t fit in with Disney’s focus on four-quadrant family-friendly features.

Speaking with Deadline, “Logan” director James Mangold has expressed his concern over the news:

“If they’re actually changing their mandate, if what they’re supposed to do alters, that would be sad to me because it just means less movies. I just hope what we end up with is going to be a positive in terms of movies.

The real thing that happens when you make a movie rated R, behind the scenes, is that the studio has to adjust to the reality that there will be no Happy Meals. There will be no action figures. The entire merchandising, cross-pollinating side of selling the movie to children is dead before you even start. And when that’s dead, it means you’re making a grown-up movie.”

“Logan” star Hugh Jackman has also spoken about the deal, saying that the move to Disney and the potential for Wolverine to join the Avengers will not entice him back to the role. He tells Collider

“It’s interesting because for the whole 17 years I kept thinking that would be so great, like I would love to see, particularly, Iron Man and the Hulk and Wolverine together. And every time I saw an Avengers movie I could just see Wolverine in the middle of all of them like punching them all on the head. But it was like, ‘Oh well, that’s not gonna happen,’ and it was interesting just when I first saw that headline — it was just the possibility of it and who knows what’s gonna happen, obviously — I was like, ‘Hang on!’ But I think, unfortunately, the ship has sailed for me, but for someone else I would like to see Wolverine in there.”

As the deal will require a full year of clearance before Disney can legally proceed to play with Fox’s assets, the upcoming R-rated “Deadpool 2” isn’t expected to be impacted by the deal.