“Logan” Cut Scene Talk & Honest Trailer

With “Logan” readying for its home video release, director James Mangold has spoken about the film some more with several outlets, including discussions of what didn’t make the final film.

One big element frequently referred to, but never seen, is the ‘Westchester Incident’ in which the psychic shockwaves from Charles Xavier’s dementia accidentally slaughtered many of the X-Men.

Mangold confirmed to IGN that an early draft of the script included the scene:

“I literally had written an opening which started with that sequence, and so it was quite literal, who was dead. But the reason we didn’t do it wasn’t to spare other films, it was that it redefined the movie.

It made the movie about the X-Men, instead of being about Logan and Charles. And irrevocably, when you read the script opening that way, it became about this other tragedy, as opposed to that tragedy being something hovering like a shadow in the background for these characters.”

The deleted scenes on the disc include a mention that Logan was once married to Jean Grey but she was accidentally killed by Xavier. He tells THR:

“I felt it really brought the emotion down and dark in a moment when things were feeling very hopeful at this house. This was something we had written only a part of and then improvised. I like the moment in isolation a lot, but when cut into the movie it had a powerful effect of damping that moment and kind of making the Munson family seem a little strange for keeping them there.”

“Logan,” which is now available on home video, has also scored an Honest Trailer which boasts a special appearance by Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

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