Live Out Frisky Batman Fantasies In Taiwan

Want to live like Bruce Wayne but don’t have much of a budget? Turns out you can – in Taiwan at least according to The Huffington Post. The Eden Exoticism Planet Hotel, a motel in Kaohsiung City, offers the ‘Batman Suite’ for hire.

The room itself is decked out like a cross between the Batcave and a memorabilia collector’s wet dream, the latter more likely to have taken place there considering the standard going rate is $50 for three hours use. That probably doesn’t include laundry costs either.

The Batman suite comes complete with a furry Batman logo headboard, mini Batmobile, Batcave-themed vanity mirror, a film poster, spa bath, Batsignal ceiling, two TVs, miniature gargoyles, and more black leather than a Matrix sequel. Check out the photos below: