Liu Cixin’s Sci-Fi Books Become Big Movies

China is getting into the big-budget sci-fi feature game with China Film Group Corp. revealing that five films based on the works of award-winning author Liu Cixin are on the way.

China Film Group will produce three of them – “The Wandering Earth,” “The Era of the Supernova” and “Micro Era”. Liu himself will write the screenplays for those three projects which are each budgeted in the $40-60 million range.

Also reportedly in the works are film versions of “The Rural Body” and “The Three-Body Problem,” the latter being the first in a trilogy.

Liu’s writing is said to harken back to the age of classic sci-fi literature along Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke lines, whilst Chinese film audiences are increasingly showing themselves to be voracious consumers of cinematic science fiction blockbusters.

Source: Yibada