Little Mermaid Will Gut You Like A Fish

More fairytales are planning dark re-imaginings after the success of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, with the next off the rack being a new take on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” says Digital Spy.

Sony Pictures have picked up the film rights to Carolyn Turgeon’s novel “Mermaid: A Twist On The Classic Tale” which follows two women who pine for the affections of a prince – the mermaid Lenia and the princess Margrethe from a rival kingdom.

Ultimately the prince has to choose one, a choice that will have devastating consequences for not just the loser but those around them as well. Turgeon’s novel is said to be tonally more faithful to Andersen’s dark and haunting fairytale than Disney’s cheery ’89 animated version.

“Country Strong” helmer Shana Feste will write and direct the adaptation, while Tobey Maguire will produce.