Little Britain Gets A Feature Film

British sketch comedy “Little Britain” is being turned into a US feature film via Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films says The Sun.

Creators & stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams have just finished penning a script for the film that sets the action in Las Vegas. “we’re really happy with it, but the whole film project is still kind of dependent on how much we can raise our profiles in America” says Walliams.

First launched on radio and then on TV channel BBC Three in the UK in 2003, the series went on to become an international cult phenomenon with its regular group of characters and their signature catchphrases. Using extensive make-up, the pair played men and women of all different types throughout the series run.

In 2007 the spin-off “Little Britain USA” was launched featuring several of the old characters from the UK series along with some new ones. The show pulled in big numbers in the UK but only did so-so on HBO and US critics were harsh, especially towards two new bodybuilder characters satirizing repressed homosexuality manifesting itself through macho posturing.

The big question is which of their famous creations will be included whether it be ‘the only gay in the village’ Daffyd Thomas, Emily ‘I’m a lady’ Howard, obese socialite Bubbles DeVere, militant diet PR woman Marjorie Dawes, or the brattish Vicky Pollard.

Walliams says “We do have some new ideas for characters – a mum feeding her son to make him the fattest boy in America, a psycho American girlfriend, but without the bunnies, a woman who has everything Disney themed, and some annoying Scottish air hostesses.”

A second season of “Little Britain USA” is in the works this Fall but the format of their airing has yet to be decided. Lucas is currently starring as the villainous Chancellor Dongalor in Comedy Central’s sword & sandal fantasy satire “Krod Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire”.

The pair recently recorded new episodes of their musical interview satire “Rock Profile” which originally aired back in 1999 & 2000. Those eps will begin showing on from May 11th.