Lionsgate, Weinstein File “Push” Lawsuit

You know your Sundance winning film is popular when two studios want to distribute it.

Lionsgate Films and The Weinstein Co. on Wednesday filed lawsuits in Los Angeles and New York both claiming they had an agreement with producers to distribute “Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire”.

According to The Star Tribune, attorney Bert Fields said The Weinstein Company had a “firm agreement” with the film’s producers and that Lionsgate interfered.

Lionsgate however claims the producers signed a written agreement stating they had no written or verbal agreement with Weinstein.

The Lee Daniels-directed film is a dark yet hopeful story of a young, illiterate woman who is the victim of incest and trying to find her way in 1980s Harlem.

Lionsgate is seeking a judge’s ruling that it owns the rights to distribute “Push” in the United States and Canada. Weinstein is suing for breach of contract.