Lionsgate Suing Over “Expendables 3” Leak

A week after the leak, Lionsgate is set to take legal action against the anonymous individuals who shared an advance copy of “The Expendables 3” online. THR Esq reports that the film company filed a lawsuit in California federal court on Thursday against “John Does 1-10.”

The lawsuit indicates all the copies circulating online can be traced back to an original stolen digital file containing a high quality reproduction of the film. The suit targets the operators behind torrent sites like,,,, and

Lionsgate sent demand letters to operators of the torrent sites every day this past week and the operators of the sites reportedly didn’t respond to demand letters. They are now demanding a temporary restraining order and injunctions that prohibit the anonymous operators of the sites from hosting, linking to, distributing, reproducing, performing, selling or making available copies of Expendables 3.

Lionsgate is also reportedly looking to prevent defendants from transferring their assets and circumventing the court orders. The identity of the individual who first uploaded the film to these networks hasn’t been revealed.