Lionsgate Gets “Buried”, Fox Grabs “Machete”

Two major, independently-financed genre films just scored major distributors after intense bidding wars.

First up following a highly successful late-night screening on Saturday at Sundance, the Ryan Reynolds trapped-in-a-box thriller “Buried” was sold to Lionsgate.

The deal is said to be worth a pricey $3-4 million plus a significant marketing commitment, the mini-major beating out interest expressed by several other distributors.

Meanwhile 20th Century Fox beat out five other studios for the rights to distribute Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete”, the spin-off feature from the fake trailer first seen with 2007’s “Grindhouse”.

The winner is no huge surprise as Fox is already working with Rodriguez on “Predators”, the upcoming “Predator” franchise reboot he’s producing for release this Summer.