Lionsgate Chief Talks “Twilight,” “Divergent” Future

Four years on since the release of the final film in the “Twilight” series and, with the notable exception of “The Hunger Games,” Summit/Lionsgate has struggled to launch another sustainable franchise of remotely the same size.

The “Divergent” series started soft and it was hoped it would improve, not only didn’t that happen but the third film was such a box-office fizzer that the final film is being retooled as a TV series. In a new interview with Screen Daily, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger says that the studio will go back to the “Twilight” well if it gets the chance.

“It’s a possibility. Not a certainty but it’s a possibility. It’s about Stephenie [novelist Stephenie Meyer]. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters we’re here for her.”

As for “Divergent,” Wachsberger confirms that the conclusion to the first three films will be realized in a TV movie and a subsequent series: “That’s a fair statement, yes. That’s the plan. The property has moved to the TV division now.”

So what is a future major young adult property they have in mind to develop as their next big thing? Patrick Rothfuss’ book series “The Kingkiller Chronicle”: “The Kingkiller Chronicle is definitely a franchise. It is three books, a fantastic world. It has all the potential to be a very big franchise. It’s not dissimilar to the world of ‘The Lord Of The Rings.'”