Lionsgate Acquires Keanu-Led “Rally Car”

Lionsgate, who releases “John Wick: Chapter 2” this weekend, is doubling down on Keanu Reeves with its Summit Entertainment label having just acquired U.S. distribution rights to the Reeves-led “Rally Car”.

Olivier Megaton (“Taken 2,” “Colombiana”) helms what’s described as a “China-centric Cannonball Run” film from a script by Jeremy Lott and Stephen Hamel.

Reeves stars as an American NASCAR driver who revitalizes his career by entering an international Rally Car race across China, and learns to win as part of a team when he joins forces with a young Chinese woman who yearns to become a driver herself.

Hamel, Reeves, Mark Gao and Gregory Ouanhon will produce. Filming will take place in China and the United States this summer.

The news comes as China is expected to expand its quota on foreign film imports and allow Hollywood more box office revenue after government officials and industry representatives from both China and the U.S. meet to renegotiate trade terms later this month.

Source: Screen