Lindelof Talks Ending “The Leftovers” S3

Series producer Damon Lindelof has revealed that the third and final season of HBO’s “The Leftovers” isn’t likely to debut on the network until early 2017.

The first two episodes of season three were reportedly shot in Texas, the remainder will shoot in Australia where much of the third season will be set. He tells Deadline that going into the new season, there’s a definite ending in mind:

“Well, we started with the very end. We eventually said, what do we want the last scene of the series to be, who’s in that scene and what’s happening in that scene, what do we want that scene to evoke emotionally?

And then, on a storytelling level, what happens, what feels like finality in a show that has never been about resolving mystery and delivering conclusive endings, now that the show is actually going to end? And how do we want the audience to be feeling when it’s all over?

So, those conversations started in a very abstract way and as they developed became much more coherent and sort of formed themselves into ‘OK, we know what that last scene is, now, how are we going to get there?'”

He goes on to say the ending is “definitely not a shock” and his job is “basically to be as authentic to the same show that I’ve been writing all along and not really stray from that. And hopefully the audience will dig it, but that’s something that you can’t predict.”

Lindelof doesn’t know what he’ll be working on after the show wraps which is expected to happen by the holidays.