Lindelof Talks Big “Watchmen” 1×07 Reveal

Lindelof Talks Big Watchmen 1x07 Reveal


The seventh episode of HBO’s “Watchman” series aired last night with a massive reveal – that Dr. Manhattan has been disguised as Angela’s husband Cal.

THR spoke with series showrunner Damon Lindelof in the wake of the episode to explain how Manhattan’s return had to be linked to Angela, why they had Manhattan take on a human form, and how the immensely powerful character factors into her story:

“[How] could Dr. Manhattan, a man with the power of God, be in service of Angela’s story as opposed to the other way around? Based on his past (and all the tropes of Greco/Roman mythology), the answer was intuitiveā€¦ love. We knew this relationship could only work if Manhattan took the form of a human, and so, the idea of Cal was born. It came early. Almost from the jump.”

Lindelof, who confirmed that fan-favourite Watchmen character Nite-Owl will not appear in the current run of episodes, also discussed the reveal that Senator Keene’s plan is to capture, destroy, and become the new Dr. Manhattan:

“In our Watchmen, there are more clear cut bad guys who represent an ideology that is almost impossible to defeat. Bad guys always want the same thing: power. There’s something fundamentally ridiculous about the idea of “white power” in its redundancy as if everyone in America was born onto the same playing field.”

Sadly, almost every one of our institutions demonstrates that inequity, so the idea that a white, male senator actually wanted MORE power was equal parts absurd and irresistible. As is the case with most White Supremacists, Keene doesn’t see taking Manhattan’s power as appropriation as much as taking something he already feels entitled to.”

Two more episodes remain in the run of the current series with the finale slated for December 15th.