Lin Skips Remake For “Terminator 5,” “Fast Six”

“Fast Five” director Justin Lin has been attached to numerous projects of late that it was inevitable he’d have to drop out of at least one. Now it looks like that’s happened.

Out doing promotion for the “Fast Five” disc release, Lin confirms to Heat Vision that he will no longer be directing the “Highlander” reboot but will remain as executive producer. Summit is reportedly seeking a replacement director right now and is still moving on the project quickly. Lin also confirmed he was in the running to helm “Die Hard 5” but turned it down.

Surprisingly Lin says he has already prepared a twelve-minute sequence for “Fast Six” which is the last part of the film. He tells Box-Office Magazine “I didn’t know if I was going to do a Fast Six. I didn’t know if people were going to embrace Fast Five and we were going to have an opportunity. But I felt like I really wanted to make sure that the last scene, which I had talked to Vin about countless times I wanted to make sure that was done. So actually I boarded it, I pre-vised it, and I cut it. So it’s funny, when we were in Atlanta shooting it, I already had the end sequence to Fast Six done. And that was what I wanted to work towards.”

He’s still is attached to a fifth “Terminator” feature and tells The Playlist that he sat down recently with James Cameron to talk about it even though Cameron isn’t involved in the new film at all.