Liman Talks “Edge of Tomorrow 2” Intentions

Still out doing press rounds for “American Made,” film director Doug Liman recently sat down with Yahoo Movies to talk a little bit more about “Live Die Repeat and Repeat,” the upcoming sequel to the well-regarded sci-fi hit “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Liman has never done a sequel in his career and admits he was apprehensive about returning, but it was the strong fan support and the story idea come up with by Cruise that convinced him to come back:

“Normally there are financial decisions behind making a sequel, but with this, it was just about us coming up with a story. Really, it’s not a world I was eager to go back to, because dealing with time travel can make your head hurt. But there was so much affection from fans of the movie — more than any of my other movies! — that Tom and I felt that we owed it to ourselves to at least think about what a sequel could be.”

Liman says he’s a bigger fan of the story idea for the follow-up than he is the original film:

“It picks up where the last one left off, but then we go backwards in time. I love it way more than the story of the original film.”

“Live Die Repeat and Repeat” still doesn’t have a production schedule or release date yet set.