Liman On Cruise’s “Live. Die. Repeat. Repeat” Arc

Doug Liman’s acclaimed and darkly humored sci-fi action war film “Edge of Tomorrow,” now titled “Live Die Repeat,” marked a welcome change for its star Tom Cruise because his character of Bill Cage is anything but a hero.

Ultimately he finds his courage to fight and even save the Earth, but in a recent chat with Cinema Blend, Liman says the upcoming part-sequel, part-prequel “Live. Die. Repeat and Repeat” will give Bill Cage a real story arc which we’ve yet to see in full:

“You know, it’s a sequel that’s a prequel. That being said, he has a way better arc in the sequel. Because in Live Die Repeat, he’s basically saving the world because he lives there. He really is just trying to save the girl. He has not necessarily become less of a coward [by the end], and he hasn’t necessarily become a better person.

As a matter of fact, that was something that was important to Tom. When we were making the movie, we would joke that he’s only saving the Earth because he lives here. He would choose to just leave and go be somewhere else if he could.

So his character never really makes the transformation. Vince Vaughn’s character doesn’t really make the transformation in Swingers. I love anti-heroes, and sometimes I love them for their anti-heroness, so you don’t want to necessarily lose that. That being said, he has a proper arc in the sequel, which is why I’m so excited to make the movie.”

How that arc will play out is anyone’s guess, though the nature of the film’s time jumps would seem to posit the idea he somehow stops the war with the Mimics from ever happening. Liman and Cruise will likely have more to say later this month when interviews over their most recent collaboration, drug-running drama “American Made,” start being published.