Lifetime Remaking “Flowers in the Attic”

The Lifetime network is planning to produce a telemovie adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ infamous novel “Flowers in the Attic”. Heather Graham has signed on to play Corrine, while Ellen Burstyn will play Olivia in this new version.

The story follows a recently widowed woman named Corrine who seeks refuge with her cruel mother Olivia at her sizeable Virginia mansion.

Olivia agrees, on the condition Corrine’s four children are to be kept hidden away in the attic until Olivia’s husband dies and Corrine can inherit the family’s estate.

As time goes by, their mother seemingly abandons them while Olivia physically and emotionally abuses them. The older brother and sister develop an incestuous relationship.

The story was previously adapted into a 1987 movie starring Victoria Tennant, Louise Fletcher and Kristy Swanson. That version kept some elements (such as the poisoned food), left out the incest and rape scene, and added a closed ending in place of the novel’s fairly open ended one.

Source: The Los Angeles times