Lifetime Plans “Clan of the Cave Bear” Series

Lifetime has ordered a pilot for a new film adaptation of Jean M. Auel’s best-selling novel series “The Clan of the Cave Bear”.

Imagine Entertainment’s Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo will team with Auel, “Hunger Games” producer Allison Shearmur and “Maleficent” writer Linda Woolverton on the project which Fox 21 and Lionsgate will also co-produce.

The ambitious effort is Lifetime’s latest attempt to push into high-end scripted drama. It’s a costly risk, but it comes with an in-built audience as the six-book series has sold more than 60 million copies globally.

Set 25,000 years ago when Neanderthals shared the Earth with the first early modern humans, a group of cave dwellers adopt a blond, blue-eyed young girl named Ayla who matures into a young woman and must fight for survival against the jealous bigotry.

Daryl Hannah and James Remar starred in a 1986 film adaptation by Scorsese cinematographer turned director Michael Chapman.

Source: Variety