“Life” Is Not A Prequel To The “Venom” Movie

In the past week or so, a ridiculous rumor emerged online in the wake of a certain film back in January surprising everyone with its bait-and-switch.

That new rumor? That next week’s sci-fi horror film “Life,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, was actually a trojan horse and would ultimately turn out to be a prequel setting up Sony’s upcoming “Venom” movie announced last week.

The rumor came despite the fact that the Daniel Espinosa-directed “Life” was produced by Skydance Media which has zero connection to “Venom” or Marvel, and Sony has officially issued denials in regards to the connection.

Now, the film has screened at SXSW and attendees have confirmed it’s a standalone sci-fi horror film with no “Venom” connection. The “Venom” film is in the works with Dante Harper (“Edge of Tomorrow”) penning the script for the project which won’t be connected to the MCU.

Source: Bloody Disgusting