Library Becomes Pope’s Pink Bedroom

Thanks to the likes of “The Departed” and some swank new tax incentive legislation, Boston has become a hot new filming location. Recently Boston Magazine did an article on the so-called ‘Hollywood invasion’ and listed some upcoming films making good use of the Massachusettes city.

For example Newbury Street stands in for New York City’s Madison Avenue in the Meg Ryan and Annette Benning-led remake of “The Women”, whilst the convention center was redressed to play an airport for the Kevin Spacey gambling drama “21”.

However it’s the upcoming sequel to “The Pink Panther” that recently made good use of the city. Fairmont Copley Plaza was used as the backdrop for a French press conference with Steve Martin’s Inspector Clouseau character.

More interesting is that an elaborate room within the Boston Public Library was redressed to resemble the Pope’s bedroom. A wall was constructed in the middle of the room with a door that led out onto a plaster balcony with blue screen that will CG in St. Peter’s Square in post-production.

Photos and further details of what was shot can be found here.